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Vertical Applications
- Healthcare Applications -

Data Critical’s StatView™ Alarm Notification System

The StatView System is a wireless, department-based system that transmits patient alarm information through a small, wireless receiver.

The solution works as follows:

  • StatView acquires information by connecting its WT server to the patient monitoring network
  • Information is then transmitted through a dedicated transmitter that utilizes Data Critical’s encoding technologies to ensure rapid and secure transmission
  • Caregiver receives alarm data - bed number, patient, name, alarm message, heart rate, and six-second ECG waveform - via their pager-size receiver


  • StatView™ Alarm Verification System:
      • Alarm information to be sent to all nurses or assigned care givers
      • Sends reminder pages for alarms that have not been acknowledged on the patient monitory system
      • Allows caregivers to configure the transmission of alarm types, periodic updates, and text pages
  • WT™ Server:
      • Intel-based server running Microsoft Windows NT server
      • Supports up to 48 patients
  • Hewlett Packard Carenet-based patient monitoring systems or Siemens Infinity patient monitoring system or GE Marquette Medical Systems (who also distributes StatView as IMPACT)
  • StatView Receiver:
      • Dimensions: 2.25" x 3.25", Weight: 3 ounces
      • Screen resolution: 100 x 62
      • Simple, three-button user interface

Impact on Hospital Procedure

The response time using the traditional monitoring procedure is 40 seconds.

Once an arrhythmia activates an alarm,

  • The monitoring technician sees the alarm in the main monitoring station,
  • A centralized communications specialist is notified and then
  • A nurse is paged via a traditional text-pager and then responds to the patient.

The response time of the StatView System is 10 seconds.

Once an arrhythmia activates an alarm,

  • The StatView receiver alerts the nurse to the triggering waveform and then immediately attends to the patient.

The StatView system results in a reduction in response time of 88-93%.

Three American Hospitals – The Heartland Regional Medical Center, Saint Thomas Hospital, and Integris Baptist Medical Center – have documented how the StatView system has improved patient care, reduced hospital costs, and increased caregiver productivity.

  • Nurses are fully informed about their patient’s CV status resulting in improved patient care.
  • Reduction in response time of up to 93% over traditional monitoring procedures, subsequently, improving patient care and staff productivity.
  • Heartland recovered investment in less than six months, with ongoing operational savings of $250,000 per year.
  • Increased caregiver productivity at Integris Baptist resulted in a reduction of staff hours per service unit, which has translated into over $100,000 in operating efficiency.

For more information:


The page was written based on information from Data Critical Corporation’s Website, dated June 2000.


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