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Add A Link To MobileInfo.com

This website is a one-stop information resource for wireless IT professionals. We encourage vendors of products and services that may be of interest to mobile computing and wireless networking professionals to submit links.  We reserve the right to include only those links that we feel have the right focus for our web site subscribers and visitors. In some case, we may request reciprocal links.

Please note that we provide free links only on our links page. We have hundreds of links on this page. In a large website with thousands of information pages, a link on our links page may not give enough exposure to your products and services. Therefore, we provide a more structured section where you can search for products - vendor and product directories with more than fifty product and vendor categories in each. We carefully evaluate your products and add a link in appropriate product or vendor category. However, there is a small administration charge ($50.00 for first entry and $25.00 for additional entry) for this service of adding a link with logo in appropriate product and vendor directory page on our website.  Based on WebTrends statistics, this section on our website is visited by a majority of site visitors Vendors find links with logo in these directories to be most useful for. You must pay for the administration fee before we add links in these directories. 

To pay for this administration fee, please go here.

For banner, newsletter and additional advertising opportunities on our site, please go here. 

If you want to submit a link for inclusion in appropriate links page or product/vendor directories on our website,  please complete the following form so that we can add your URL in the appropriate category. 

Please provide the following information:

Company Name:  Company URL:  www.

  Contact Name:

Please select your type of business from the following:

  User Devices & Accessories
  Wireless Network Infrastructure & Services
  Application Development / System Integration
  Application Packages / Vertical Industry
  Horizontal Applications (email, etc.)
  SDKs, OS functions, DBMS, Middleware, etc.

Description of your product / service:

Are you interested in advertising on our site? Yes No
Would you provide a reciprocal link? Yes No
Have you paid for Submit a Link? Yes No
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