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Hot  & Current Topics In The Mobile Computing Industry

These are some of the hot and current topics in our industry with brief explanation and appropriate links for more information. If your topic is not listed here, please do a keyword search on our site at the top of this page or home page.

Wireless networks - faster, higher bandwidth and more capacity
Automatic Identification and Data Capture -  also Mobile & Wireless RFID 
A SmartAntenna wireless technology that can increase the capacity of spectrum by inserting a unique metric in the transmission. It can give wireless Internet connection at speeds up to 1Mbps and support more users in the same frequency band. 
Automated Vehicle Location based on GPS
Software-based techniques like compression, content reformation, etc to increase effective speeds of wireless networks
Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless - Application development environment from Qualcomm for Smartphones
RF based local area network technology that allows handheld devices communicate over short distance - 20-30 feet
More efficient 2nd generation PCS technology for wireless networks as compared to TDMA as compared to TDMA
An important public safety requirement mandated by FCC to identify accurate location of distress calls from cell phones 
  • FSO (Free Space Optics or Wireless Fibre or Wireless Optical Networking)
Optical wireless, point-to-point (soon multipoint), line-of-sight broadband solution for metropolitan applications, primarily
High Speed Circuit-Switched Data - in interim step on GSM networks to offer 38.4 Kbps wireless data service
Technology to send urgent messages in real time, rather than in store-and-forward e-mail paradigm
An Overview of IBM's Application Server platform for mobile (and fixed) devices
Java-based application development platform, defacto standard by Sun but supported actively by Motorola, Nokia, and others
Technology and services that identifies the location of a mobile user and provides relevant content and services to the mobile user - related to m-commerce
For local multipoint distribution Service wireless access - of interest to the Internet ISPs and enduser organizations who are tired of high T-1 rates
Want to understand mobile commerce? Go for the Intro here.
 A new wireless network technology to support high-speed access and increase capacity
Multi-channel Multipoint Distribution System) - for wireless internet access
Multi-media Messaging Services - a progression from SMS to EMS  to MMS
Discussion of consumer entertainment applications on wireless networks - games, casinos, gambling, etc.
Capability to move around with the same IP address
For m-commerce transactions
"Mobile Virtual Network Operator" concept for wireless services 


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing - for higher speed (54 to 72 Mbps wireless LANs


- Very high frequency (T-rays between radio and light) - 622 Mbits/sec wireless last mile solution


An architecture and marketing concept predominantly promoted by IBM (presently) to connect mission-critical SAP applications and databases from pervasive devices (PDAs, Palm Pilot, Windows CE and smart telephones) using IBM mobile software technology


Microsoft's software platform for handheld devices
Technology that lets you know who among your close group of buddies or professional colleagues is online - used in Instant Messaging. This is not exactly LBS - Location-based Services because exact location of users is not important 
Radio Frequency Identification information
Session initiation Protocol - in VoIP context- has wireless network implications, especially in 3G and beyond time horizon
A very important consideration in designing public safety, health-care and e-commerce applications based on wireless networks


Controlling Industrial Devices Through Malfunctioning Alerts 
Vendor Consortium Initiated Standard for Data Synchronization for mobile devices
In-car Wireless Internet Initiative by the Auto industry for safety and other applications 
Mobile videoconferencing


Voice Over IP - the new telecommunications revolution - making analog voice digital - great future opportunities for mobile computing
(Wireless Application Platform)
A major mobile commerce application area targeted by network providers 
A broad term used to contain all sorts of wireless e-business applications 




Enhancing Customer Resource Management systems for wireless network-based Sales Force Automation  (SFA) applications
Wireless implementation of Instant Messaging that transmits urgent messages including alerts in real time, rather than in store-and-forward e-mail paradigm. Somewhat akin to SMS 


Enhancing Enterprise Resource Planning systems for wireless network-based supply chain applications 


Bluetooth enabled or through a specialized piece of software that prints on an Internet-connected printer designated by a mobile user from a phone or a PDA
New category of network routers  for SOHO wireless LANs, hot spot configuration or more advanced variety in the wide area context (convergence of Cisco router product functions and wide area wireless network functions)  


An important issue in wireless networks, especially in wireless LANs. 
Virus protection software in WAP applications

Note: If your topic is not listed here, please do a keyword search on our site at the top of this page or home page.

Major Events in Year 2000 & 2001

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