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OBERTHUR Demonstrates The World's First SIM Card With EMV Payment Functionality - SIM 2001 provides the platform for this unprecedented demonstration

Paris, 02 April 2001- Oberthur Card Systems achieves another 'FIRST' in the smart card arena by demonstrating for the first time a true multi-application card combining GSM SIM functionality with an EMV Debit/Credit application.

The demonstration sees Oberthur's SIMphonIC(tm) 3G card functioning in a standard GSM mobile phone, granting access to the mobile network. By inserting the same SIM card into a standard EMV payment terminal, a payment transaction is carried out using the PIN number to authorize the EMV Debit/Credit banking card. It is the first demonstration of a combined payment and mobile telephony card. 

Oberthur's breakthrough allows the mobile phone itself to act as a payment terminal. Mobile operators can offer subscribers a payment solution for the ever-increasing mass of data and information on demand services available today and a payment channel for the fast-approaching multi-media services which the next generation mobile networks herald. The majority of mobile payment pilots to date have relied upon a dual-slot phone to accommodate the banking card and the GSM card, this latest development allows the same secure transaction to be carried out without having to insert any card.

By utilizing an EMV payment application, Banks and Financial Institutions can capitalize upon their recent investments in EMV payment infrastructure. This solution opens up a wealth of opportunities for alliances between the world of payment and the burgeoning world of mobile telephony.

"Multi-application cards and mobile commerce are subjects which have been talked about and promised for a long time, today for the first time they have become 'reality'," explained Stéphane Moussé, Head of Marketing for Mobile Communications at Oberthur Card Systems. "By demonstrating this functionality using a GSM SIM card which hosts a virtual equivalent of the EMV banking card in everyone's wallet, we are using the technology available today to solve one of the problems which faces operators in optimising the technologies of tomorrow which are now just around the corner."

Live demonstrations of this combined SIMphonIC 3G and payment card will take place on Oberthur's stand (Salon Aranjuez, stand 12) at the SIM 2001 conference in the Melia Castilla Hotel in Madrid, 2-4 April. An mPeg version is available to witness the demonstration for yourself, please email Liza@companycare.com for a copy of this.

About Oberthur Card Systems:
Oberthur Card Systems offers smart card solutions based on SIM, WAP, 3G, e-wallet technologies & Internet-based card management services. 

Internet site: http://www.oberthurcs.com

For more information contact :
Stephanie de Labriolle 
Oberthur Card Systems 
+33 (0) 1 41 25 28 42 


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