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M - Commerce

Factors to Considers: Mobile Customer and Applications

Mobile Customer
"Customers will use wireless devices to access the Internet only if they have a good reason to do so"

Fundamental attributes common to the mobile customer

  • Expectations: Web vs. Wireless experience Education (M-commerce study disappointed in their m-commerce experience)
  • Education
  • Don’t Set/Sell Unrealistic Expectations: Limit Hyped-Up possibilities, such as, Wireless Web – misleading – one can not push a Web service onto the cell phone
  • Newness of the Wireless Internet attracting media and marketing hype, promoting unrealistic expectations among consumers.
  • Offering customers something new that could not do without a e wireless device
  • General characteristics: empowered consumer, educated, computer savvy, and seeking customer service.
  • Voice is still the Killer app
  • Most customers use wireless phones for voice phone calls
  • Wireless data features are much less popular than wireless voice
  • Personalization: Began with the personalized services/customized information and services via the Internet.
  • Act on only relevant information vs. Information overload
  • Wireless devices as a personal companion
  • Expect companies to offer information relevant to their needs and interests and presented in a simplified manner
  • Seeking an easy and simplified m-commerce experience
  • Advertising relevant (authorized)
  • Personalized billing/payment functionality
  • Dependency on location and Time
  • Understand the customer’s activity schedule, for instance, services accessed during working hours will differ from those on during the evening or on weekends
  • Device used will determine mode of access
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Patience will be demanded of players, as consumer behavior requires both time and effort to change.
  • Evolution of the industry from networks to handsets will require players to educate their customers.

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