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M - Commerce

Separating Mobile Commerce from Electronic Commerce

M-Commerce versus E-Commerce

Frequently m-commerce is represented as a "subset of all e-commerce" thus implying that any e-commerce site could and should be made available from a wireless device. We believe that such conclusions are miss leading. M-commerce should be recognized as a unique business opportunity with its own unique characteristics and functions, not just an extension of an organization’s Internet-based e-commerce channel. Of course there are similarities between e-commerce and m-commerce from being able to purchase a product or service in a "virtual" vs. a build and mortar environment.






Smartphones, pagers, PDAs,

Operating System

Windows, Unix, Linux

Symbian (EPOC), PalmOS, Pocket PC, proprietary platforms.

Presentation Standards




Microsoft Explorer, Netscape

Phone.com UP Browser, Nokia browser, MS Mobile Explorer and other microbrowsers

Bearer Networks

TCP/IP & Fixed Wireline Internet

GSM, GSM/GPRS, TDMA, CDMA, CDPD, paging networks


Characteristics of Wireless vs. Wired
The use of wireless device enables the user to receive information and conduct transactions anywhere, at anytime.

Accessibility: Mobile device enables the user to be contacted at virtually anytime and place. The user also has the choice to limit their accessibility to particular persons or times.

Convenience: The portability of the wireless device and its functions from storing data to access to information or persons.

Localization: The emergence of location-specific based applications will enable the user to receive relevant information on which to act.

Instant Connectivity (2.5G): Instant connectivity or "always on" is becoming more prevalent will the emergence of 2.5 G networks, GPRS or EDGE. Users of 2.5 G services will benefit from easier and faster access to the Internet. 

Personalization: The combination of localization and personalization will create a new channel/business opportunity for reaching and attracting customers. Personalization will take the form of customized information, meeting the users’ preferences, followed by payment mechanisms that allow for personal information to be stored, eliminating the need to enter credit card information for each transaction.

Time Sensitivity – Access to real-time information such as a stock quote that can be acted upon immediately or a sale at a local boutique.


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