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M - Commerce

Key Issues

  • Evolution: Technology and Business models are constantly evolving which will demand flexibility and patience on part of all players.
  • Customer loyalty: Who will ‘own’ the customer? Partnerships among players from various industries will be necessary for most, if not all, m-commerce initiatives, and, in turn, will alter the nature of any one company to own their own customers.
  • Cross-sector knowledge gulf, where the different parties will need to learn about the functions and limitations of the services provided by the other players, for example, operators will need to know about content and applications.
  • Moving up the value chain: To respond to market opportunities some companies have develop subsidiaries in order to react more rapidly to market challenges. For example, Sonera has developed Sonera Zed, to provide portal and application management services such as location based mobile yellow pages as well SmartTrust, to develop secure solution for m-commerce transactions. And Citicorp has established e-Citi to develop a wireless access gateway strategy for financial service providers.


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