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M - Commerce

Limiting Factors

Lack of Standards:

  • With a host of device operating systems and platforms, middleware solutions and networks, make application development for the wireless Internet a formidable task, versus the level operating environment of the wired Web.
  • Even though efforts are underway to standardize the operating environment, especially in North America, where standardization is most lacking, companies will have to work within this scattered environment, at least in the short –term.

Device Constraints:

  • Weak processors:
  • Limited memory
  • Tiny screens, poor resolutions
  • Poor data entry

WAP: While WAP has been a very important in the evolution of the wireless Internet and in turn m-commerce, there are problems/difficulties with the standard, such as the lack of WAP-enabled devices and security issues.

Current data speeds between 9.6-14.4 kbps are too slow, expensive vs fixed

Move from 2G to 2.5G to 3G networks

  • 2.5G Networks
  • 2.5G will mean the incorporation of packet-data capabilities onto existing network circuit-switched networks, such as GPRS on GSM
  • Better suited for Internet applications
  • Provide higher data speeds (25-35 kbps)
  • Enable ‘always on’ connectivity
  • Most operators will be upgrading but service is not expected to 2000
  • Cost per users/session is expected to be lower
  • 3G Networks
  • Support high-speed applications up to 144 kbps while in motion and 2 mbps while stationary
  • Provides increase in network capacity through new spectrum
  • Allows subscribers to access their services while roaming


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