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M - Commerce

Products, Services & Applications Suited for M-Commerce

The criteria for m-commerce services or products

  • Limited but precise choice
  • Predictable availability
  • Does not require lengthy and in-depth decision making (appeal to impulsive buying behavior)
  • Convenience


  • The New York Times bestseller list meets all three criteria. It would be easy to purchase any of the listed books via a wireless device.
  • Tickets to popular entertainment events, such as concerts, live theatre, movies, sports events, trade shows, public forums
  • Mircro-transactions: purchasing a fast food items, such as a soda pop from a vending machine;
  • Payment of bills, banking, restaurant bill

According to Ovumís research, there is a lot of uncertainty about which mobile commerce applications will be successful and make money. The research/consulting firm classified m-commerce applications into three categories.


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