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Press Release 2001

August 1, 2001 - AirIQ to merge with eDispatch - Strong synergies will build a global leader in mobile resource management

TORONTO, ONTARIO, August 1, 2001 -- AirIQ Inc., a wireless application service provider specializing in mobile asset management solutions, today announced an agreement to merge with eDispatch.com Wireless Data Inc. (TSE:EWD), a wireless application service provider specializing in mobile workforce management solutions.

Pickering, Ontario-based AirIQ developed and markets a technologically advanced location information service for the efficient management of mobile assets, including the location and tracking of commercial transport fleets and rental vehicles. Vancouver, B.C.-based eDispatch developed and markets a technologically advanced dispatch product for the efficient management of mobile workforces. Together, the companies will offer a broader range of complementary solutions and linked services with the goal of becoming a world leader in mobile resource management.

"By combining eDispatch and AirIQ, we are creating a dynamic technology and marketing leader in mobile resource management, and building a platform for accelerated revenue growth," said Donald E. Simmonds, President and CEO of AirIQ. "Not only are mobile workers and vehicle fleets the largest and most important investments for enterprises with a mobile workforce, but they also are the most challenging to manage. Now customers will have an even more powerful set of tools to manage these resources."

"Over the last seven months we have looked at a great many merger opportunities and have concluded that the proposed transaction with the AirIQ people offers a unique opportunity to maximize future shareholder value," said Peter Bradshaw, Chairman and CEO of eDispatch. "The combination of AirIQ's asset management services and eDispatch's expertise in dispatching the mobile worker offers to the management of today's mobile workforce a proven, cost-effective 'total' solution. AirIQ's depth of management, proven sales, marketing expertise and meaningful revenues should be of great comfort to my fellow shareholders as they are to me."

Don Simmonds will become the President and CEO of the combined company. Mr. Simmonds has a long history of business leadership within the Lenbrook group of companies as one of its founding shareholders. Lenbrook, controlled by the Simmonds family, is a highly successful electronics company that created the Canadian wireless network Clearnet, which was sold recently to Telus Corporation in a multi-billion dollar transaction.

Peter Bradshaw, Chairman and CEO of eDispatch, will remain as the Chairman of the reconstituted board, which will consist of an equal number of current eDispatch directors and AirIQ nominees.

AirIQ offers telematics solutions that combine on-board computing, global positioning system (GPS), digital maps and a wireless transceiver to provide fleet managers with a wealth of information about their vehicles via the Internet. AirIQ's services include vehicle location, boundary notification, automated inventory, maintenance reminders, security alerts and remote vehicle disabling. eDispatch products enable clients to send detailed job information directly to and from any PC via the Internet to the display of their mobile workers' portable wireless device. The products are marketed as bundled wireless solutions to subscribers of wireless data providers.

The new enterprise will leverage complementary business models to increase shareholder value. Both companies are organized on a recurring revenue model and both offer solutions as wireless Internet application service providers (ASPs). Combining the technical, customer support and administrative
resources of both companies will result in immediate operational synergies. In addition, sales and marketing costs will be spread over a higher revenue base.

About AirIQ 
Based in Pickering, near Toronto, Canada, AirIQ is an application service provider specializing in wireless fleet management for vehicles. Using telematics, or the wireless transmission of location-based information and control messages to and from vehicles, AirIQ helps its clients locate and manage their vehicle fleets. AirIQ offers complete end-to-end fleet management solutions to commercial transport fleets, rental vehicle and lease fleets, bus fleet operators and heavy equipment owners. The AirIQ
solution is a marriage of five advanced technologies: Internet, wireless communications, global positioning system (GPS) technology, digitized mapping (GIS) and computing. AirIQ was formed in 1997 as a partnership among three high-technology leaders: Bell Mobility, Lenbrook Inc. and Veridian Engineering Inc. 

For more information: Visit AirIQ at www.airiq.com.

Mobileinfo Comments and Advisory:  Consolidation is a strong trend. We welcome this marriage and think it will improve chances of survival for both companies.. 

Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.


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