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Press Release 2001

MONTREAL, July 10, 2001 -- With over ten different channels and close to one hundred star brand programs, PocketBoxOffice ­ a Micro-Entertainment Network, is proud to offer four more mobile games to its famous WeGot Games channels. Now, users can play:

GRUDGE MATCH: Have you ever wondered who'd win a street fight between Gary Coleman and Webster? Who'd solve the amusement park mystery first:Scooby-Doo or Mulder and Scully? If Jerry Springer could take out Geraldo Rivera with a chair? Grudge Match has the answer! Based on the legendarywebsite, and the best-selling book, by Brian Wright and Steve Levine, Grudge Match pits two or more pop-culture icons against each other in head-to-head competition, with online players deciding the outcome!

CAFÉ ADAM: Brian Basset's world famous Adam@Home comic strip makes the leap to wireless in the hilarious, and addictive, Café Adam game. Adam has been challenged to an endurance contest at the coffee bar. If he wins, it's free coffee for life. If he loses, it's his last Ultra-Leaded-Café-Mocharinochino-Espresso-Grandé! How much can the caffeine-meister take?

STREET DRAGONS: A game of super-powered martial arts action, played directly on your mobile device. Defeat three evil opponents for the title of King Dragon, but be warned… secret dangers lurk around every corner.

TIMEBOMB: A nerve-wracking game of anti-terrorist action. Defuse an ever-more complicated and ever-more-deadly series of terrorist bombs before they wipe your city from the map! Another original game by Hailstorm Entertainment, brought to you by PocketBoxOffice and WeGot Games. The WeGot Games channel of PocketBoxOffice now offers twelve of the mobile world’s best gaming experiences.

Airborne Entertainment develops, manages and distributes entertainment programming specifically for wireless devices. Airborne connects entertainment content providers with wireless carriers through RUNWAY, a sophisticated content management and distribution platform. Its wireless specialty channels currently reach 80 percent of the US market and 100 percent of the Canadian market with over ten channels and nearly one hundred different programs. With strong, double-barreled expertise in technology and show business. For more information, please visit www.AirborneEntertainment.com or point your mobile browser to www.pktbo.com.


Mitch Joel
Director of Marketing
514-289-9111 ext. 270


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