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Press Release 2001

July 12, 2001 - Mobile Entertainment Network Now Offers SMS

PocketBoxOffice ­ Micro-Entertainment Network markets new and entertaining SMS initiatives

MONTREAL, July 12, 2001 -- In the fast-paced world of mobile entertainment, Airborne’s PocketBoxOffice promises to keep you in the fast lane. With the launch of PocketBoxOffice SMS, available to all mobile carriers with SMS technology, customers can now receive (and soon interact with!) some of the best micro-entertainment star brands.

SMS is a standard type of message that can be sent between SMS enabled wireless devices including mobile phones. SMS stands for “short message service” and messages presently have approximately 160 characters.

Choose when you would like to receive everything from Joke Jolt, Broken News Headlines, Brainpoop or any of the other ten daily offerings (SMS Alerts are also available in French).

As mobile carriers adapt their platforms, PocketBoxOffice will be ready for the next phase. Here are just some of the new PocketBoxOffice SMS offerings that we’re developing:

- Celebrity Dynamic Alerts ­ Want to know what your favourite band is up to? Have them SMS you directly to keep you up to date. Want to know what’s happening on the sidelines of the next Superbowl? PocketBoxOffice Celebrity Dynamic Alerts will make sure you get an SMS Alert before even the broadcasters know what’s going on. Get up close and personal with your favourite celebrities.

- Ring Tones ­ When your phone rings, are you tired of a digital beep? Wouldn’t you rather have your phone ring to the beautiful melody of Blondie’s Call Me? How about The Beatles, Radiohead, J.Lo or Blink 182? You can even compose your own!

- Screen Icons ­ Instead of numbers popping up when someone calls, turn your friend into one of the characters from Adam@Home, your girlfriend into Cathy or your business partner into Mister Boffo. You can also add animated icons to personalize your phone and give it your own character.

Stay tuned for more attention-grabbing content and mobile entertainment from PocketBoxOffice.

Airborne Entertainment develops, manages and distributes high quality entertainment programming specifically for wireless devices. Airborne connects entertainment content providers with wireless carriers through RUNWAY, a sophisticated content management and distribution platform. Its wireless specialty channels currently reach 80 percent of the US market and 100 percent of the Canadian market with over 10 channels and nearly 100 different programs. For more information, please visit www.AirborneEntertainment.com or point your mobile browser to www.pktbo.com.


Mitch Joel
Director of Marketing
514-289-9111 ext. 270


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