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March 2001 - Bridgewater Systems Addresses Top Challenges Facing Wireless Service Providers

Company announces new wireless infrastructure solution that lets service providers generate revenue from wireless data services

KANATA, Ontario, March 12, 2001 ­ Bridgewater Systems, a provider of Internet access control solutions, has today launched a product that addresses wireless service providers’ business and network infrastructure concerns. NetProfile Carrier Edition (CE) is a carrier-grade, profile-based solution that lets wireless service providers add new premium data and content services to their network
quickly and easily, while enabling them to generate revenue from these new data services.

The NetProfile CE software helps solve the three main challenges facing wireless service providers today: increasing average revenue per user (ARPU); reducing customer churn; and adding additional, competitive value-based services. To combat these challenges, wireless service providers must be able to rapidly and successfully add new services, as well as overcome network and service overload issues. They must also be able to deliver services to multiple customer types and markets and, most importantly, implement new billing models to pay for these services.

Fills Network Gap
“NetProfile CE fills the gap in the service provider’s network that was preventing them from generating new revenue streams from wireless data services,” said Mike Ozburn, president and CEO, Bridgewater Systems, and former Nextel Online executive. “With NetProfile CE, it is no longer a technology issue, it’s a competitive issue ­ who will be the first to employ this new revenue generation model for data and voice services?  NetProfile CE forms the foundation of success for this new model.”

NetProfile CE allows wireless service providers to determine what Web-based packages and services a customer can access, as well as when and how the customer is charged. NetProfile CE does this by acting as a point of control between the WAP gateway and the billing system in the wireless provider’s network. Wireless service providers can use NetProfile CE’s “policy” functionality to define the service categories, and its “profiling” functionality to customize services for individual customers or groups of customers.

Maintain Control of Customer
This allows wireless service providers to utilize their network resources more efficiently and easily while cost-effectively adding new competitive services and applications to their networks ­ all without losing control of the customer. NetProfile CE’s extendable administration capabilities also allow wireless providers to give the end-user greater control. The combined result is that wireless providers can easily package services to a broad range of user segments, and customers can receive services based on their evolving preferences.

With NetProfile CE, wireless service providers can also control access to selected content and applications to create a variety of new revenue streams. NetProfile CE provides the infrastructure for advanced usage-based billing structures, whether based on traffic or content. With this solution, wireless service providers can define and implement different charging techniques for their service offerings easily and readily, including a mix of subscription-based charges, on-the-fly/pay-per-view services, and revenue-sharing with content and other business partners. NetProfile CE works with a service provider’s billing system by counting the data traffic and transactions and funneling that information into the system.

“By enabling profile-driven access and flexible billing, Bridgewater Systems' NetProfile Carrier Edition offers an answer to the multi-billion dollar question of how carriers can recover the licensing and infrastructure costs of next-generation deployments,” said Adam Guy, senior analyst at The Strategis Group.

NetProfile CE works with WAP gateways and other network infrastructure that wireless service providers have in place today. The product is vendor independent and is compatible with 2G/3G, circuit switched and packet-based networks. Open and published application program interfaces are used to integrate with existing or new applications and services, and flexible standards-based interfaces are provided for direct feeds to billing systems.

Bridgewater Systems will be providing product demonstrations of NetProfile CE at its booth (#7785) at CTIA in Las Vegas, March 20-22.

About Bridgewater Systems (www.bridgewatersystems.com) Bridgewater Systems is a software company that solves the business complexity of offering multiple IP services to multiple sets of
customers over multiple networks. Founded in 1997, the privately held company's Internet access control solutions software solutions help organizations that manage IP services - such as corporations, carriers and ISPs - differentiate services through user preference features. This lets organizations offer customer-focused services that make it easy for end-users to do business with them. Bridgewater applies its core competency of utilizing profiles to unite user preferences with access controls in all of its offerings, which are marketed throughout North America and Europe. Bridgewater’s customers include Qwest, Covad and Verio/NTT.


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Marsha Moore
Bridgewater Systems
Manager, Public Relations
Tel: (613) 591-9104 x. 2815
Christine Carina
Senior Account Executive
Tel: (425) 828-4813

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