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Press Release 2001

Broadbeam Selected by BT Wireless To Support Development Of GPRS Wireless Applications

LONDON - August 13, 2001 – Broadbeam, provider of a proven wireless platform that enables developers to rapidly create, deploy and manage mobile applications, today announced a partnership with BT wireless. With extensive experience in wireless software infrastructure, Broadbeam is one of only a few long-term players in the market – and the first to recognize early on, the critical need for store-and-forward and notification capabilities in enterprise wireless applications. To date, Broadbeam’s technical innovation and market delivery strategy underpin wireless development in over 500 companies, such as Worldcom, Sears and Telia.

Through this alliance, Broadbeam will provide its ExpressQÔ store-and-forward mobile messaging Software Development Toolkit free of charge to the application developers in BT wireless’ Expidas community. This will be complemented by the installation of ExpressQTM in the new Expidas application development facility in Ealing Studios. Together, Broadbeam and BT wireless will work to speed the development of business applications designed for GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) mobile users.

Peter Lisle, BT wireless GPRS Programme manager said, "We are delighted to be working with Broadbeam on this critical initiative. Broadbeam has demonstrated that it has an API (Application Programming Interface) set that is open and intuitive and I am confident that our partnership will help accelerate the development of GPRS enabled applications." Lisle went on to say, "I am looking forward to working with the Broadbeam team, from both the UK and the US over the coming months as we see innovative applications being developed by the Expidas community facilitated by the infrastructure BT wireless and Broadbeam are providing."

"We are pleased to partner with BT wireless, as we share complementary technology for the roll-out of 2.5G networks and beyond," said Giles Padmore, General Manager, Europe, for Broadbeam Corporation. "Using ExpressQÔ , a key component of Broadbeam’s third-generation AxioÔ wireless software platform, BT wireless developers and Broadbeam will work together in the development and deployment of quality applications for GPRS."

Broadbeam’s ExpressQÔ store-and-forward messaging server ensures that mobile workforces will always receive critical corporate information by temporarily storing wireless messages for out-of-coverage users and then forwarding messages when they return to coverage areas. At the same time it supports real-time, interactive communication when both sides are connected, where messaging may be initiated either from the client or server. These features provide users of wireless devices who frequently experience temporary coverage holes, battery failures, or powered off devices with the peace-of-mind that time-critical data messages will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate party the moment coverage returns. ExpressQTM allows users to work offline even when out of coverage, and then return to on-line working and synchronise to the host server. While supporting these services, ExpressQ provides end-to-end security between intelligent mobile devices and enterprise server applications.

BT wireless wholly owns mobile phone operations serving 16.1 million customers in the UK (BT Cellnet), Germany (Viag Interkom), The Netherlands (Telfort), the Republic of Ireland (Esat Digifone) and the Isle of Man (Manx Telecom). BT Cellnet was the first operator in the world to launch a commercial GPRS service. Expidas is a means for wireless application developers to partner with BT wireless, and potentially launch their products on BT wireless’ 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks. The expidas.com Web site provides invaluable information for application developers, including a technical overview of GPRS, contact details for technical queries and reference materials, such as a developer’s guide, developer’s directory and wireless glossary. Expidas.com now provides developers with free access to Broadbeam’s Software Development Toolkits. In addition, developers registered with expidas.com can test and potentially launch their applications at BT wireless’ comprehensive new facilities at Ealing Studios.

About Broadbeam
Broadbeam Corporation’s proven wireless software platform clears an inside track to rapidly develop, deploy and manage mobile applications, and empowers businesses around the globe to effectively build and leverage their mobile workforces. The Company supplies Independent Software Vendors, Systems Integrators and enterprises with the wireless infrastructure software required to mobilize a workforce, the platform for developing wireless applications and managed services to assist customers in integrating or outsourcing their wireless solution. Broadbeam has partnered with such technology leaders as Palm and NTT DoCoMo and boasts over ten years of wireless expertise and experience in delivering mobile solutions to industry giants including Worldcom, Sears and Telia. Currently, over 500 businesses and 170,000 mobile users rely on Broadbeam’s technology and services, which support all major devices and networks. For more information, please visit http://www.broadbeam.com.

About BT wireless
BT wireless has a major European footprint with wholly owned operations in the UK (BT Cellnet), Germany (Viag Interkom), The Netherlands (Telfort), the Republic of Ireland (Esat Digifone) and the Isle of Man (Manx Telecom). BT wireless also includes Genie, which is one of Europe’s leading mobile Internet portals. BT wireless owns third generation licenses to operate 3G mobile services in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands – all territories where it has already launched GPRS services. BT announced on May 10 that it intends to de-merge BT wireless before the end of this year.

About Expidas
Expidas is a means for wireless application developers to develop their products on 2G, 2.5G and (in time) 3G networks, and reach BT wireless customers. Successful developers will gain access to dedicated facilities at Ealing Studios in west London, and a technical and commercial team to help get their product through testing and integration and possibly to commercial launch. Developers should register their details on the Expidas web site to start the process; this information could also be shared with Venture Capitalist companies, looking for funding opportunities. The web site also contains technical data, white papers and information on training, consultancy and testing connection to GPRS. www.expidas.com


Neil Foster/Ruben Lawrence
Bite Communications
+44 (0) 20 8741 1123



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