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(Copy as provided by vendors with minor editing by MobileInfo.com)

BSQUARE Introduces iWin™, the Next Generation Information Appliance Software Solution -

As a key component of BSQUARE's information appliance strategy, the iWin Information Appliance Design Kit enables rapid design, development, and deployment of Web tablets, set-top boxes, thin clients and other intelligent devices.

Today BSQUARE Corporation (Nasdaq: BSQR) announced the iWin Information Appliance Design Kit, a flagship product in its infrastructure solution for the rapid design, development and deployment of information appliances.  BSQUARE's new iWin is the first product to provide a complete collection of
tools and software for creating an information appliance of any kind based on Windows embedded operating systems. Several customers, including Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Philips, National Semiconductor, and Sageport have already adopted iWin for use in a variety of information

iWin provides a complete solution approach for OEMs, portal and Internet service providers, and others involved in the development and delivery of devices such as wireless Web pads, eBooks, set-top boxes, Web access screen phones, Web terminals, and other products. Until now OEMs created solutions
by investing in significant software engineering and by piecing together software from multiple vendors in order to create a final solution.  Additionally, OEMs have required solutions for rapidly developing high value graphical interfaces, customizing and branding the device for particular markets, and remotely updating the devices once large volumes are deployed in the field.

BSQUARE makes this process much easier by including the critical software in one single product, the iWin Information Appliance Design Kit. iWin includes:

  • A customizable user interface - Enables OEMs and their partners to design a
    highly unique and graphical "look and feel," for their device using standard
    HTML and Jscript without using require costly embedded programming.

  • Remote update capability - Components to enable central device
    administration and in field software upgrades, reducing deployment costs.

  • A framework for Software Plug-Ins - Software support for enhancing the user
    experience capabilities through third party plug-ins. 

  • Key software applications - Fully "skinable" applications such as e-mail
    and instant messaging.

  • Top Electronics Firms Matsushita, Philips, National Semiconductor
    Incorporate BSQUARE's New Information Appliance Design Kit - 

  • BSQUARE's new iWin(tm) Information Appliance Design Kit will power portable
    Web tablets, Internet LCD TV, Web terminals and other information appliances


Michelle Manson
Director of Corporate Marketing and Public Relations
BSQUARE Corporation

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