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Press Release 2001


June 8, 2001 - CSR ships 1 million Bluetooth approved chips

Bluetooth Congress, Monaco - June 5, 2001 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) announced today that it has shipped one million of its single-chip Bluetooth solution, BlueCore(tm)01(tm).  48 percent of qualified Bluetooth end products incorporate BlueCore01, which is currently the only single-chip solution shipping in volume.  BlueCore01 integrates the radio, baseband, microcontroller, full Bluetooth protocol stack, complete Bluetooth profiles and an applications software layer on one integrated circuit (IC).

BlueCore is manufactured on an industry standard low-cost, high volume CMOS process and has the capability of running with the full Bluetooth stack on-chip.  This provides users with the flexibility to run some Bluetooth applications in a stand-alone mode on a single chip.

"According to market analysts, Cahners In-Stat, 2001 is pinpointed as the year the Bluetooth market will really take off," commented Glenn Collinson, co-founder and marketing director, CSR.  "This prediction is concurrent with the increase in design-wins and the availability of the first generation of Bluetooth-enabled consumer products now on the market." 

A number of major international companies including Sony, IBM, Compaq, LG, Xircom, NEC, Fujitsu, ALPS, TDK, Mitsumi and Psion, have already used BlueCore01 in the development of consumer Bluetooth devices such as laptop/notebook PCs, PDAs, access points, printers and cellular phones & headsets.

CSR launches range of low cost Bluetooth development tools
Bluetooth Congress, Monaco - June 5, 2001 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) has today announced its MicroSira and CompactSira development tools for integrating Bluetooth functionality into a range of applications.  These new tools can enable the rapid development of host side software for PC and PDA applications.  The new platforms complement CSR's BlueLab, announced in March 2001, and can be used to develop stand-alone, end-user equipment such as headsets, mice and keyboards with applications running on CSR's Bluetooth chips.  MicroSira and CompactSira provide engineers with a comprehensive development platform for the production of an extensive range of host-based, Bluetooth enabled applications.  MicroSira and CompactSira can be purchased as a $499 upgrade for existing customers of the Casira development system.

Both new products consist of a Bluetooth hardware interface, containing CSR's single chip solution, BlueCore01(tm), and development software. MicroSira, a USB connected Bluetooth device, requires no external power supply and is approved to version 1.1 of the USB specification supporting 12 Mb/s operation on the USB interface.  CompactSira is a Compact Flash format expansion card offering Class One Bluetooth performance with adaptive power control for maximum application flexibility.   If multiple units of the appropriate tool are used then full piconet operation can be tested and evaluated.  Both products are shipped with host side test and demonstration utilities, example source code of Dynamic Link Library's, transport drivers and device firmware utilities.

"For a lot of companies, success will depend on their ability to bring Bluetooth applications to market rapidly.  MicroSira and CompactSira present engineers with the tools to do so in an easy to use form," said Glenn

Collinson, CSR's marketing director and co-founder.  "Using these tools, designers can quickly and cost effectively develop and test new software for a range of functions, from printer drivers to mobile phone applications."

3Com selects CSR's single-chip solution for Bluetooth modules
Bluetooth Congress, Monaco - June 6, 2001 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) announced today that 3Com, a leading networking products and solutions company, will base its range of Class 2 Bluetooth modules on CSR's

BlueCore(tm)01 single-chip solution.  The modules will include a PC Card, USB device, internal notebook module, and a USB printer module. Production is scheduled for late summer 2001 and by the end of the year consumers will be able to purchase the products from leading electronics outlets.

The modules, aimed at the PC market, the OEM market and the consumer market, will enable multiple intelligent devices - such as PC's, printers and notebooks - to communicate without cables, using short-range radio technology. 

"Our choice of CSR as a 3Com silicon partner was dependent on meeting three important criteria - size, cost and technical support," said Rick Maule, vice president & general manager of 3Com's Mobile Connectivity Division. "CSR's BlueCore solution has enabled us to design small-form factor products quickly and cost effectively with help from a strong technical support team."

3Com joins a growing list of major international companies including Sony, IBM, Fujitsu, LG, ALPS, TDK, Mitsumi and Psion that have already used BlueCore01 in the development of a range of Bluetooth products.

BlueCore is manufactured on an industry standard low-cost CMOS process. It is capable of running the full Bluetooth protocol stack on-chip eliminating additional overhead on the host processor. An integrated application layer provides users with the flexibility to run Bluetooth applications on-chip in a stand-alone mode without a host processor.

About CSR
Based in Richardson, Texas, CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) specializes in providing single-chip radio devices to the global market for short-range radio communications, including Bluetooth.  The company's mission is to

create the most highly integrated radio devices available, fabricated using standard CMOS technology, to provide its customers with the low cost of ownership of high quality digital radio. 

CSR was the first company to offer a fully integrated 2.4GHz radio, baseband and microcontroller Bluetooth solution on one CMOS chip, with its BlueCore(tm)01.  CSR's BlueCore01 is the world's first true single-chip Bluetooth solution.  Together with external Flash ROM containing the CSR Bluetooth software stack, it provides a fully compliant Bluetooth solution for data and voice communications.  The design is optimized to require very

few external RF components to facilitate a rapid design of the motherboard, and therefore reduce time to market and lower overall cost.

For More Information: www.csr.com



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