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(Copy as provided by vendors with minor editing by MobileInfo.com)

Intersect Technology Selected to Develop NStar Handheld Wireless Application on Palm OS Platform

-- Pioneering technology brings regional utility company to forefront of mobile sales automation. 

Burlington, Massachusetts, January 16th, 2001- Intersect Technology, a subsidiary of Abend Associates, announces that it has been chosen by NStar (a Massachusetts Utility) o develop a wireless sales and customer service application for its residential mobile sales division.

NStar, Massachusetts' largest investor-owned utility, is the premier supplier of electric and gas products and services to the Boston Metro area. Intersect Technology develops custom applications for mobile wireless devices, including the popular Palm OS platform. The project aims to develop a wireless infrastructure that automatically synchronizes NStar's mobile sales force with a central database developed by CallBack Software, a specialist in enterprise business applications. 

NStar Regional Manager of Sales Patti McSheffery says, "The system Intersect has developed offers us creative solutions that will streamline our business, improve communications, and achieve necessary cost savings. For us, this project is particularly exciting as we are moving from an antiquated, manual system to a cutting-edge system." Shelley Orenstein, President of Intersect Technology, adds, "The development of this product proves that high-end technology, once reserved for the deep pockets of financial giants like UPS, is now readily available for smaller companies looking to mobilize their automated sales process."

Upon project completion, a NStar field sales representative will receive and respond to customer inquires in the field, using a custom application developed by Intersect Technology for the Palm Operating System. Once an inspection is completed, the representative can use his or her Palm device to place an order for necessary equipment and services. This information is then synchronized to NStar's CallBack CRM database, using Novatel's Minstrel III wireless modem and a custom conduit also developed by Intersect Technology. When the order is completed, the sales representative can print a receipt for the transaction directly from the Palm handheld, using the Monarch 6015 portable printer.

The benefits of this mobile sales automation include an elimination of the human error inevitably introduced when orders are continually re-copied by hand or dictated by phone. In addition, this paper-free process gives sales representatives the ability to produce real-time inventory information and on the spot invoicing, resulting in accurate and shorter payment cycles.


Intersect Technology, founded in 1995, is a niche development and consulting group dedicated to effectively integrating wireless, web, and client server technology. 

Both Intersect Technology and CallBack Software are trademarks of Abend Associates, Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective companies.


Vivek Nayar 
Intersect Technology 
(781) 273-3044 x603


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