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(Copy as provided by vendors with minor editing by MobileInfo.com)

March, 2001 - Mbrane deliver a leading business application over GPRS

Since the BT Cellnet launch of GPRS in June 2000, Mbrane has become one of the leading companies from 1,400 in BT Cellnet's developers forum to deliver working corporate applications running over GPRS to a wirelessly connected Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

(21st March, 2001, Marlow, England) This month Mbrane, the global provider of mobile enterprise management solutions, demonstrated to analysts and press gathered at the Science Museum in London, the first showing of the leading business application, SAP, delivered over the next generation wireless network, GPRS, via a smartphone. 

Mbrane's pioneering solution, Touchpoint, supports access to essential business applications from simple hand-held devices whilst ironing out the problems associated with mobile computing such as unreliable connectivity and security concerns.

Mbrane is working closely with BT Cellnet, one of the leaders in mobile communications. Ken Gibbs, Senior Research Director at The Butler Group said: "Mbrane's mobile deployment with BT Cellnet's GPRS service opens the way for a new generation of mobile technology which will deliver mobile computing in the guise the corporate world has been waiting for."

"The arrival of 2.5G mobile services brings exciting opportunities. Companies pioneering the delivery of applications over 2.5G networks are in a very strong position today." says Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director for e-infrastructure at Ovum. "These new service rollouts, combined with technology innovation in devices, makes the business case for extending enterprise connectivity to mobile workers very compelling. Always-on mobile data services, and affordable wireless data-capable devices, add up to a fertile environment for the creation of true employee mobility." 

Martin Brampton of Bloor Research states: "Mbrane is one of the few organisations to have developed working GPRS compatible technology. Mbrane has succeeded in linking mainstream applications to real world mobile devices - a task easier said than done. Touchpoint creates a workable environment for viable applications that have an immediate commercial pay back."

With Touchpoint sales forces can improve service and streamline operations through direct stock enquiries and order entry. According to Gartner companies can improve the productivity of their mobile workers by up to 20% by this provision of relevant real-time information. 

Companies don't have to wait for these productivity and return on investment improvements because Mbrane provides practical solutions to companies now. Touchpoint supports GSM today as well as GPRS for the next generation of mobile computing solutions.

Mbrane developed Touchpoint to enable companies to extend access to crucial business data from outside the traditional constraints of network firewalls. The company has addressed key issues such as user and device authentication, and data and session integrity. Touchpoint provides continuity of communications over wireless communications, presents enterprise data in a format suitable for small screens, and is optimised for the bandwidth and connectivity characteristics associated with 'always connected' mobile computing methods such as GPRS.

Peter Lisle, Head of GPRS at BT Cellnet, said: "BT Cellnet is committed to freeing employees from their office so that they can move into more flexible, location-independent patterns of work. We seek to provide information to users where they want it, and how they want it. We chose to work with Mbrane because they really understand the value and possibilities of mobilising business applications and their product complements our GPRS network service. Touchpoint is an excellent example of a software product that overcomes the challenges of delivering real-time, remote access to enterprise applications from handheld devices."

Terry Cave, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, at Mbrane, said: "Touchpoint is completely carrier-independent, and as such can support any IP-based wireless data technology. It supports a broad range of hand-held devices and its open design ensures that a broad range of enterprise-class applications can be extended quickly and effectively."

About Mbrane 
Mbrane has introduced mobile pervasive software that extends the power of enterprise computing. The company's enterprise-class software membrane enables the free and secure flow of enterprise intelligence to and from mobile employees, as well as embedded devices, anywhere and at anytime. Mbrane maximises the ROI on all of its customers' technology investments by enabling enterprise systems to be more available, and by ensuring that their mobile infrastructure adapts easily to future technologies. Established in 1984, Mbrane, formerly known as Centura Software, has been named one of the "Innovation 100" companies by Information Week and Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, Mbrane has offices worldwide servicing North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. To learn more about Mbrane and the Touchpoint product suite, please visit www.mbrane.com.


Maria Lorenz 
Tel: +44 (0) 01628 646145 
Email: maria.lorenz@mbrane.com
John Kennett, senior account executive 
Oast Communications (PR) 
Tel: +44 (0) 1959 568528, or +44 (0)7967 686494 
Email: johnk@oastcommunication.com

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