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Press Release 2001

May 1, 2001 - Pumatech Introduces Mind-it Software Version 4.3

  • Professionals to Experience Increased Productivity and Security

  • New Windows NT Support to Drive Widespread Adoption of Pumatech's Mind-it Technology, a Key MAP Offering

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Pumatech (Nasdaq: PUMA), the leading provider of software infrastructure for the mobile Internet, today announced version 4.3 of its Mind-it(TM) software, providing Windows NT support, priority change detection, advanced keyword minding, and password encryption features. This new version of Mind-it not only provides professionals with the ability to receive the information they need in a more time-efficient and secure manner, but it will now be made available to an
increased number of corporations through its enhanced platform support. Mind-it software integrates seamlessly with any Web site or electronic commerce, publishing, or CRM system, and proactively alerts users via email or mobile devices when content changes. Mind-it gives business users an effective tool for efficiently managing highly relevant information on an hour-to-hour basis.

Mind-it version 4.3 includes an enhanced feature set that extends the product's usability in enterprise environments:

  • Priority Change Detection: This new Mind-it component enables administrators to give priority to designated sets of URLs, greatly improving the timeliness of alert delivery to end users.

  • Advanced Keyword Minding: Users are able to track changes using multiple keywords instead of a single word. Multiple words are joined by logical expressions, such as "and" "or," etc., to increase the relevance of alerts.

  • Encrypted Passwords: Mind-it encrypts user passwords during the log-in process as well as in the product's user database.

  • Windows NT Support: In addition to supporting the enterprise-class Solaris platform and Oracle databases, Mind-it 4.3 is now available for Windows NT with a proprietary Pumatech database.

"With our Mind-It technology, we have empowered users to be notified of changes to essential information residing on corporate intranets or the Internet," said Brad Rowe, president and CEO of Pumatech. "We recognize that time and productivity are two of the most critical assets to corporations, and therefore we are delivering increased timeliness of alerts, usability, and security to the corporate environment with this new version of Mind-it. Furthermore, the demand for our Mind-it technology has driven us to provide Windows NT support in this new version, enabling a broader range of organizations to leverage Mind-it for efficient dissemination of mission-critical information." Mind-it version 4.3 is part of the change-detection/notification component of Pumatech's Mobile Application Platform (MAP), the common server platform on which the Company is building its new mobile solutions. Mind-it version 4.3 is now available via Pumatech's corporate licensing or ASP purchase options. For more information, visit
http://www.pumatech.com/Mind-it_Server.html or email busdev@pumatech.com.

The Mobile Application Platform (MAP) is the common server platform on which Pumatech is building its new mobile solutions. MAP is designed for maximum scalability and performance, provides ubiquitous access to mobile devices over both wired and wireless media, and does not require the PC to act
as a gateway to the network. The platform is hosted in the public Internet space in Pumatech's Intellisync.com (SM) Web service, and is available for licensing to carriers, ISPs and Web portals, as well as to corporations looking to utilize its capabilities behind firewall installations.

Pumatech, Inc., formerly known as Puma Technology, Inc., is the leading provider of software infrastructure for the mobile world. The Company, which has long been the leader in synchronization with its Intellisync(R) technology, is in the process of rolling out recently acquired, leading-edge personalization, notification and Web-browsing services integrated with synchronization. Pumatech now offers a comprehensive application suite, the Mobile Application Platform (MAP), for the delivery of highly personalized content to any mobile device. It is the only integrated solution that fully supports all mobile devices and standards, including WAP phones, SMS-enabled phones, Palm OS(R) handhelds, Pocket PCs, Web sites, and desktop applications, such as Outlook. Companies using Pumatech(TM) products can create powerful mobile solutions that give customers and employees anytime, anywhere access to
relevant information. Pumatech's mobile solutions are used by a wide range of leading companies, mobile device manufacturers, telecommunications carriers, software companies, and individuals. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Pumatech offers more information on its products and services at www.pumatech.com.

NOTE: Pumatech, the Pumatech logo, and Intellisync are trademarks of Pumatech, Inc., that may be registered in some jurisdictions. Intellisync.com is a servicemark of Pumatech, Inc. Mind-it is a trademark of NetMind Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pumatech, Inc. Palm OS is a registered trademark of Palm, Inc. All other product or company names are trademarks of their respective owners.


SOURCE Pumatech, Inc.
Tanya Valenzuela of McGrath/Power Public Relations,
408-727-0351, or tanyav@mcgpr.com

For More Information:  www.jataayusoft.com



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