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(Copy as provided by vendors with minor editing by MobileInfo.com)

Synchrologic Ships ReadySyncGo!; Synchronizes PIM and Personalized Web Content Across Mobile Devices

Business professionals are kept up-to-date with the information they need -
anytime, anywhere - with free service

ATLANTA, Jan. 16, 2001 One of the most difficult challenges facing mobile professionals is having access to personal and business information--when and where they need it. Synchrologic today announced the availability of ReadySyncGo!, a Web-based service that effortlessly synchronizes calendar, contacts, travel itineraries, to-do lists and memos to the devices used by business professionals everyday. ReadySyncGo! is available to individuals free-of-charge at www.readysyncgo.com. ReadySyncGo! is also available for corporations to run behind their corporate firewall or in an ASP model.

ReadySyncGo! synchronizes Personal Information Manager (PIM) information to business professionals’ mobile devices including Palm Poweredä handhelds, pagers, cell phones, PCs and laptops. Users also have direct access to their entire list of contact numbers from their mobile phone, regardless of which device the information was originally stored.

Through Synchrologic’s patent-pending Trip Manager and Appointment Manager, ReadySyncGo! users automatically receive relevant, personalized Web content based on calendar entries, such as travel itineraries including flight schedules and hotel addresses, as well as driving directions, maps and weather forecasts. Additionally, in Q1, Palm VII users will be able to wirelessly synchronize using ReadySyncGo!.

ReadySyncGo! has been designed as a corporate product. It is a secure, scalable solution, which can be implemented by an IT department. It plugs into existing intranets while leveraging the company's existing IT infrastructure. This allows IT professionals to easily manage the deployment, configuration and maintenance of all mobile devices for a corporation.

"We've integrated ReadySyncGo! into our eCRM 6.0 Suite, and will be the first CRM vendor to offer this service to our customers. We are implementing ReadySyncGo! internally as well," said Richard Brock, Firstwave president and chief executive officer. "ReadySyncGo! compliments our strategy to provide critical information to customers regardless of where they are located or what handheld device they use. When a new prospect, contact or service case is entered into Firstwave eCRM, that information instantly becomes available to the sales or field reps on their WAP phone and PDA allowing them to have the most updated information at all times. ReadySyncGo! also introduces additional content to the remote devices so our customers automatically get relevant information such as weather, directions or travel reservations directly relating to their set appointments and locations."

"I'm addicted to having up-to-date access to my appointments and contacts at any time. ReadySyncGo! has definitely made my life easier. And having all the phone numbers I need in my cell phone instead of in my computer or on a piece of paper is a life saver," said Luba Sharapan, account supervisor at Ad Agency J. Walter Thompson. "In my position, I travel a lot. Automatically receiving driving directions in my Palm saves incredible amounts of time not only for me, but for my assistant as well."

ReadySyncGo! provides mobile professionals with all of the information they need regardless of which mobile device they use. For example, a business traveler has scheduled a trip from New York to San Francisco, ReadySyncGo! automatically sends all relevant content about the trip to each mobile device, for convenient, easy access. The full itinerary for the trip, including hotel, air, and car reservations with confirmation numbers will be available, along with driving directions, maps to appointments and weather forecasts for destination cities. Web content is provided by:

  • MapQuest

Provides driving directions, maps, real-time traffic alerts and location finder

  • Worldspan

Provides trip itineraries and travel reservations data

  • Innovata

Provides additional travel information such as hotel information, rental car facility locations and airport airline gate information

  • AccuWeather

Provides current weather conditions and forecast information

ReadySyncGo! supports SyncML, an open industry specification for universal data synchronization. As new mobile devices adhering to the specification are introduced, ReadySyncGo! will seamlessly synchronize with those devices.

According to J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Mobile Insights, a leading market research firm in Mountain View, CA, "Synchrologic is an established player in the data synchronization market offering business professionals and IT Managers the tools they need to manage information on their mobile devices. With ReadySyncGo!, Synchrologic is bringing immediate productivity and convenience to mobile professionals by solving the problem of managing and maintaining business and personal data across the different mobile devices they depend on everyday."

"As mobile professionals come to rely on multiple mobile devices for both personal and business data, making sure the same information is available across each of these devices presents a growing challenge. ReadySyncGo! automates this process and also provides relevant, personalized content such as driving directions to a hotel or meeting, car rental locations and the weather, based on existing calendar entries," said Bill Jones, vice president of product management for Synchrologic. "ReadySyncGo! leverages our experience and expertise over the last five years developing complex enterprise synchronization solutions and is a valuable product for a company looking to enhance the productivity of their busy professionals and executives."

System Requirements
ReadySyncGo! synchronizes PIM information between Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, and 2000 on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT 4.0-based PCs and laptops, with Palm Powered 3.x handhelds. Business professionals can also access information via ReadySyncGo! over the Web using any Internet-connected PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Navigator 4.6+ or via their WAP enabled phones (Phone.com UP.Browser). Users can also receive data on their cellular phone via SMS phone text messaging. ReadySyncGo! Server runs on Windows 2000 and Microsoft SQL servers. Q1 enhancements include support for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes servers, email sync for Microsoft Exchange, CE devices and additional PIM support.

Availability and Pricing
ReadySyncGo! is available now as a free service for individuals at www.readysyncgo.com. ReadySyncGo! can be licensed in a subscription model by companies for $14.95 per month per user. Synchrologic will also host ReadySyncGo! as a service for corporate customers.

About MapQuest.com
MapQuest is a world leader in providing online, voice and wireless mapping, directions and destination information solutions to both consumers and business partners anytime, anywhere. With nearly 2,000 business partners and more than 300,000 links from other Web sites, MapQuest is ranked among the 20 most powerful U.S. Internet brands, and MapQuest.com is consistently among Media Metrix’s Top 50 Web sites. MapQuest utilizes wireless and voice recognition technologies to provide travelers and customers with the tools needed to continually access mapping, driving directions and other location-based information via Sprint PCS, AT&T PocketNet and Nokia mobile phones; Palm electronic organizers; and other handheld devices. A wholly owned subsidiary of America Online, Inc., MapQuest.com is a part of the AOL Interactive Properties Group.

About Worldspan
Worldspan provides global electronic distribution of travel information, Internet products and connectivity, and electronic commerce capabilities for travel agencies, travel service providers and corporations worldwide. Worldspan is owned by affiliates of Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines and Trans World Airlines. Additional information is available at www.worldspan.com

About Innovata
Innovata is a business-to-business global travel infomediary. With offices in Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, and London, Innovata collects and distributes global travel data including airline, hotel, car rental, passenger rail, and destination information. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Oakwood, Georgia. Established in 1998, Innovata evolved from Dittler Brothers Printing, which processed airline schedules and hotel data for printed directories for more than 80 years. www.innovata-llc.com.

About AccuWeather
AccuWeather, the world's leading commercial weather service, provides a portfolio of products and services which affect everyone: through the airwaves, on the Internet, in print and behind the scenes. AccuWeather serves more than 15,000 media, business, government and institutional clients and millions more around the world, through www.accuweather.com. AccuWeather.com provides weather and other content to over 1,200 Internet sites including CNN, MSNBC.com, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

About Synchrologic
Synchrologic, the leader in synchronizing Business Data Anywhere, offers the most comprehensive mobile and wireless enterprise infrastructure software, providing the essential synchronization platform required for managing mobile devices and enabling anywhere access to vital business data and applications. Synchrologic's mobile and wireless technologies are licensed by corporate and OEM customers including Cisco, Hertz, Citicorp, 3M, JD Edwards and Nintendo. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Atlanta. For more information, contact the company at 888-345-SYNC or 770-754-5600, info@synchrologic.com, or visit http://www.synchrologic.com.


Elizabeth Conrady
A&R Partners for Synchrologic

Copyright ã 2000 Synchrologic, Inc and ReadySyncGo! are trademarks of Synchrologic, Inc. Palm, Palm Computing and Palm OS are trademarks of Palm, Inc. or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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