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Veriprise Wireless Corporation Releases Veriprise Connect™ Wireless Productivity Suite - an e-mail Solution for the Enterprise

ATLANTA, Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Veriprise Wireless Corporation, the leading wireless platform and solutions provider, today announced the release of Veriprise Connect(TM) Mail, the first component of the Veriprise Connect suite of wireless productivity solutions. With this release, Veriprise Wireless expands its industry-leading, comprehensive answer to wireless enterprise solutions.

Veriprise Connect is a suite of wireless applications based on the Veriprise Wireless Platform(TM) (VWP) solution, the company's flagship wireless architecture and development environment. Through the VWP system, Veriprise Wireless extends corporate data and business applications to any wireless device -- from WAP-enabled smart phones to two-way pagers to wireless PDAs -- using SmartClient(TM) technology. The VWP is based on a scalable, distributed architecture that provides a solid and secure foundation for both developing and managing wireless business applications.

"With the Veriprise Wireless Platform, Veriprise delivers to enterprises a scalable and modular platform to deploy wireless applications, from e-mail to complex enterprise solutions," said Julio Palacio, President, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Veriprise Wireless. "Veriprise Connect Mail satisfies the needs of mobile users who want to access corporate e-mail while outside the office. IT managers can be assured of a secure and easy-to-use wireless solution."

In addition to full data encryption and user authentication, and support for a wide range of popular wireless devices, important new features of Veriprise Connect Mail include:

  • End-to-end data encryption, protecting from any gap in security during transmission

  • SmartClient(TM) technology on devices with storage ability, to store messages and address books on the device

  • Support for Palm and Palm-OS based devices, PocketPC or WinCE-based devices, RIM devices, PageWriter 2000, 2000x, and Timeport P935 two-way pages, and any WAP-enabled phone

  • LDAP support for corporate address book access and search

  • POP3 and IMAP4 support

  • Printing of e-mail messages

  • Message signature

  • Large message support, over multiple pages

  • Administration Toolkit, a web-based tool allowing you to configure and administer user profiles and VWP from anywhere

"Veriprise Connect Mail expands our total wireless infrastructure solution, and extends the value and flexibility offered by the Veriprise Wireless Platform product," said Anil Patel, Veriprise Wireless's Chief
Technical Officer and co-founder. "We have recently seen a trend in organizations needing to address the reality of full enterprise computing, which includes both wireless data access and today's acknowledged killer application -- e-mail."

About Veriprise Wireless Corporation
Veriprise Wireless Corporation is a wireless software development and solutions company that is extending business applications to wireless devices. For more information about Veriprise, the Veriprise Wireless Platform, or the Veriprise Connect suite of products, see http://www.veriprise.com.


Monica Burnette
Veriprise Wireless Corporation,

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