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Press Release 2001

August 1, 2001 - HIPLinkXS Chosen As Key Messaging Solutions By Verizon Wireless - Mobile Messaging Software Plays Key Role At Critical Call Center

SAN JOSE, California, August 1, 2001 – Semotus Solutions (formerly Datalink.net), a wireless application service provider (w-ASP), today announced an agreement with Verizon Wireless to deploy HipLinkXS at their Customer Call Center.

HipLinkXS, a scalable wireless messaging solution from Semotus, will play a key role in providing a general communications vehicle for the call center as well as improving efficiencies of the call center personnel who respond to various outages at Verizon’s Elgin Call Center. HipLinkXS will be utilized to handle the dispatching needs of on-call personnel who escalate technical issues. HipLinkXS will ensure faster network recovery at various levels, thereby increasing overall customer satisfaction. 

“Our knowledge of the mobile market and the technology necessary to maximize efficiency and minimize loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction is the key to this agreement. Verizon Wireless needed a solution that would minimize the retail network outages and technical difficulties they were encountering. HipLinkXS is a superior product capable of scaling to the magnitude of their paging requirements,” said Valerie Goodwin, VP, Marketing.

HipLinkXS and Semotus were selected for their reputation of proven products and reliable professional services demonstrated over the past year with the installation and integration of Cross Communications' HipLink 5.0, the previous version of HipLinkXS, at Verizon Wireless. Subsequently, Verizon became one of the first clients to purchase and incorporate HipLinkXS.

HipLinkXS is a powerful  and modern enterprise messaging software solution that enables delivery of critical messages to and from the field with the customer’s choice of carriers and devices. HipLinkXS is designed to fully integrate with any enterprise application and provides the seamless and rapid link between applications, clients, customers, partners and employees. Users can send messages and request a response back from the receiver, with the ability to automatically trigger server processes based on the response from the field.

HipLinkXS provides a significant value proposition for corporations to generally improve customer service while reducing costs and increasing premise/mobile workforce efficiency and productivity.

About Semotus Solutions – The Wireless ArchitectsTM
Semotus Solutions, formerly Datalink.net, is a wireless infrastructure provider delivering end-to-end wireless solutions to its enterprise customers. Semotus Solutions’ patented technology and real-time delivery systems enable enterprise customers and employees to utilize any wireless device to receive and respond to critical data 24x7x365. 

Semotus Solutions is leveraging its core XpressLink technology across high demand, vertical markets, including finance, medical and the mobile workforce, to allow for the use of any wireless device and any digital communication language to push and pull data on demand. This technology produced the wireless market’s first truly integrated enterprise product, Global Market Pro, which is Semotus Solutions’ advanced, fully customizable wireless application for the financial professional. Global Market Pro was co-developed with The Chase Manhattan Bank and is employed by individuals and institutions throughout the financial community. 

The Company serves a portfolio of large customers, including AOL, AT&T, Bank of America, Dow Jones, Citibank, EDS, Fidelity Investments, JPMorganChase, Lucent Technologies, Motorola and Qualcomm.

Semotus Solutions is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with research facilities located in Vancouver, British Columbia and offices in Chicago, Colorado, New Jersey and Florida.

For more information:  Go to http://www.semotus.com.

Mobileinfo Comments and Advisory:  Simple wireless messaging has become a matured wireless application. However, integrated messaging in a call center context with backend integration is still quite noteworthy. This award does give Semotus a tremendous boost as a strong validation of its offering.

Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.  All trademarks used in this summary are the property of their respective owners.



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