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Press Release 2001

iAnywhere Solutions Advances Java-Based Platform For Mobile & Wireless Enterprise Application Development

SYNOPSIS: Enables Java developers to create "always available" mobile enterprise applications once for deployment on multiple devices, including Palm OS, Pocket PC, and J2ME- based handhelds.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA ¾ June 4, 2001 ¾ iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY) today announced plans to broaden its support of Java™ technologies, speeding the development and deployment of mobile and wireless enterprise applications. Building on years of extensive support for Java technologies, this strategy leverages the latest Java innovations – enabling developers to create enterprise applications once for deployment on any mobile device.

As part of this strategy, the company today announced alliances with Motorola (NYSE: MOT) and Kada™ Systems Inc., which represent industry breakthroughs in delivering the first practical client-side Java applications for the mobile enterprise. Motorola and iAnywhere Solutions are introducing a prototype of an enterprise application for the new Motorola i85s J2ME™-technology enabled phone. This prototype leverages iAnywhere Solutions’ local data storage and enterprise synchronization capabilities, making "always available" data access a reality from a thin client device. The company’s partnership with Kada Systems enables the first cross-platform development of mobile enterprise applications for both Palm OS and Pocket PC- based handhelds – allowing developers to design an application once and deploy on multiple devices. (See separate press releases for more details.)

"Every mobile device is different and requires a unique development strategy, making Java technology support an essential requirement for deploying our applications on multiple mobile devices. The combination of iAnywhere Solutions' always available m-Business platform and new client-side Java solutions enables us to move quickly from concept to deployment," said Joe Cardinale, general manager, Web & Wireless Solutions of Teoco Corporation.

"iAnywhere Solutions provides a complete Java-based framework for m-Business, leveraging familiar tools and standards to make wireless application development faster and less complex," said Rob Veitch, director of business development at iAnywhere Solutions. "Our innovative support for Java technologies offers developers unparalleled flexibility, improving productivity and simplifying ongoing maintenance."

Always Available Access: Critical for Mobile Enterprise Computing
iAnywhere Solutions’ m-Business platform gives mobile workers the unique ability to work either online or offline so they have always available access to their data and corporate applications. This is a critical capability in the current wireless landscape, where cost, bandwidth, signal availability, and signal quality present significant issues. This always available access is essential for organizations to keep their mobile workers productive with the information they need, when they need it, while reducing costs associated with connection times. Incorporating new Java technologies for handheld devices into iAnywhere Solutions’ m-Business platform greatly simplifies the development and deployment of these always available applications across multiple devices.

Building on Extensive Support for Java Technologies
Today’s announcements build on iAnywhere Solutions’ long-time support for Java technologies, as seen in the company’s leading m-Business platform, including:

Support for Java stored procedures and datatypes in SQL Anywhere® Studio, the industry leading mobile data management and enterprise synchronization, allowing developers to create and store Java classes in the database to perform complex logic on the server.

Ability for developers to use Java technology to easily develop application-optimized enterprise applications for handheld devices using SQL Anywhere Studio’s UltraLite™ technology.

Extensive support for Java technologies in iAnywhere™ Wireless Studio, a comprehensive, integrated software package for extending the reach of e-Business applications, enterprise data and Internet content to mobile and wireless devices. It includes the company’s J2EE™-compliant wireless server and provides a Java-based framework to easily develop applications that can deliver device-appropriate content.

Java Messaging Service™ (JMS)-based wireless messaging architecture, offering network and device independence and the ability for users to receive messages even when they are roaming between networks.

About iAnywhere Solutions
iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., is the market leading provider of mobile and wireless solutions that enable anywhere, anytime access to enterprise information and applications. With more than six million deployed seats of its technology at work in 10,000 customer sites worldwide, combined with hosting and professional services, iAnywhere Solutions provides a one-stop source for successfully developing and deploying m-Business solutions. Visit www.ianywhere.com for more information.


iAnywhere, iAnywhere Solutions, SQL Anywhere and Sybase are trademarks of Sybase, Inc. ® indicates registration in the United States of America. All other company and product names mentioned may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

Special Note: Statements concerning Sybase's future business relationships are by nature forward-looking statements that involve a number of uncertainties and risks and cannot be guaranteed. Some of the risks are detailed from time to time in Sybase's Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including but not limited to its annual report on Form 10-K and its quarterly reports on Form 10-Q (copies of which can be viewed on Sybase's web site).


Lea Faso
(954) 325 3850 

Marsha Ann Marsh
iAnywhere Solutions 
(978) 287-2632 



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