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(Copy as provided by vendors with minor editing by MobileInfo.com)

thinkingBytes Technology equips mobile professionals with information

Watertown, Mass.- January 8, 2001-thinkingBytes Technology Inc., a wireless/PDA provider of premier software products and services for the Palm Operating System, today announced the release of its enterprise application, thinkDB 2.0.  Enabling wireless access to corporate database information, thinkDB is fast becoming a requisite tool for the mobile professional. 

thinkDB reduces the clutter associated with searching for and carrying information.  A repository for business data, such as parts inventory, or dealer contacts, thinkDB assists mobile professionals on the go.  It allows users to stay connected with uncompromising mobile productivity and a willingness to expand and work with existing solutions, including Oracle and Access.  Though targeted to enterprise, this next generation award-winning flagship application is applicable for personal use as well.

thinkDB 2.0 offers an unparalleled mix of functionality and customization for organizing   information.  A sales professional can catalogue a prospectís database by any searchable field, as easily as a doctor can define any number of patient records.

"thinkDB is offering a truly revolutionary PDA app to professionals who need information anytime and anywhere,"said Joseph Baron, CEO of thinkingBytes Technology, Inc.  "Early adopters of our technology have embraced thinkDB because they have seen what a powerful tool it can be through its implementation within their organizations, allowing access to data that previously had to be carried on laptops, in binders, or on charts."

thinkDB 2.0 delivers tremendous customization features with a form designer that allows a high level of personalization for database setup. thinkDB is also able to store images, as well as information, in black & white, grayscale, or color.  With thinkDB users can beam individual records as well as clone databases with or without records.  Information is always securely stored on thinkDB and the data is displayed and/or displaced  in a protected manner.  thinkDB can  list the most recent databases used for quick and easy access.  Further, thinkDB supports bar code scanning and its open architecture allows it to interact with other PDA applications. 

thinkDB Features

  • Manage up to 100 databases-with each offering up to 80 fields
  •  Design your own forms-create and rearrange fields or tabs and thinkDB will automatically align and resize them
  • Choose from 20 different field types-text, integer, long, image, one to many relationship, list, expression, date, time, checkbox, memo, key, external join and external lookup-thinkDB is as flexible as you need it to be
  • Protect your information-whether itís patient diagnosis or sales information, thinkDB allows you to potect your data, design and records with individual passwords and read-only ability
  • Sync your database on your Palm to any database in the backend

thinkDB is compatible with any PDA which operates on the Palm OS platform. While the Palm application will be completely free, thinkingBytes is charging $39.95 for the desktop.  dbSync, the new bi-directional  synchronization software that syncs MS Access with your palm will be priced at $39.95.  The upgrade for current thinkDB 1.4 users will be free for a limited time.  It is available at most major retail computer stores nationwide and is also available at the thinkingBytes Website, located at (www.thinkingbytes.com.)

About thinkingBytes Technology, Inc.
thinkingBytes Technology is a Massachusetts-based wireless/PDA company that provides premier software products and services for the Palm Operating System. thinkingBytes was recently funded by LycosLabs, the Common Angels and private investors. Currently, ThinkingBytes has five software titles for sale over the Internet (www.thinkingbytes.com) and in most major retail computer stores nationwide. thinkingBytes Technology was founded by Harvard Business School classmates Joseph Baron and Stefan Milovic, along with technologist Armando Neves.

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Stefan Milovic
thinkingBytes Technology, Inc.
617 673-1049

Brian Callahan
direct: +1-978-889-1426
toll free: +1-877-harpell

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