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Wireless Application Protocol - WAP

WAP Application Development SDKs & Higher Level Tools

Vendor Tool
Asialab HTML to WML Conversion Aid from Asialab
Chestysoft csWAPDraw - a COM object that can create, edit and join wireless bitmaps. Use it with ASP, Visual Basic or other COM tools.
CoffeeCup Wireless Web Builder Create websites that are viewable on cell phones and PDAs with this WAP authoring tool. Download for free from here. 
Ericsson Ericsson's WAP Development Environment 
Jataayu Software Jataayu WAP Development platform utilizing its microbrowser and WAP server
Nokia's WAP Server Nokia provides both client and server side application development tools including the communications interface. Nokia's WAP server and application development tools are being used by major systems integrators - definitely worth evaluating for enterprise applications.
(Phone.com and Software.Com merger)
UP Software Development Kit - SDK - OpenWave.Com supplies an SDK for application development.
SpeedWare MobileDev is the first Wireless Development Environment (WDE) specifically for WAP Internet applications. Its innovative open-ended development model integrates a graphical application mapper with a wizard interface and a rich tool set. Versatile enough to satisfy the most demanding professional, MobileDev supports WAP technologies like WML, HDML, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Perl and Java Server Pages (JSP).
SourceGear lloop - an open source software toolkit for creating community portals, codenamed "lloop" has extensive support for WML, the markup language used by WAP phones and other wireless devices. "lloop" consists of a server platform and a collection of ready-for-use ASP-like scripts that produce dynamic content for display on a variety of devices, such as desktop PC's, WAP Phones, and the Palm VII handheld. The entire project is based upon Open Source technology and is licensed under the GNU Public License.
WAPMine.Com WAPPage 2.0 is a WSIWYG development tool for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Sites. WAPPage 2.0 allows a developer to edit, compile and integrate WML (Wireless Markup Language) Pages. WAPPage 2.0 supports WML 1.1.
Yospace Smart Phone Emulator Web Site Edition 1.0 from www.yospace.com - allows you to simulate a Nokia 7110 (and others shortly) smart phone while developing and demonstrating WAP capabilities from your web site.

How to Select Development Tools? - -coming soon from your MobileInfo Consultant

Acknowledgement - Some information about development tools obtained from www.waplinks.com website.

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