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About MobileInfo.com

"MobileInfo.com must be the web destination site of choice for information needs of IT professionals undertaking mobile computing, m-commerce and wireless Internet projects" — Managing Editor and Publisher

MobileInfo.com is a unique website for mobile computing information.  We believe that it is different from other websites because:

  1. Our editors are mobile computing and wireless networking consultants first and journalists second. We draw upon not only our own experiences, but also talk to other practitioners and vendors' technical staff. We provide information that is based on how real-life projects are conceived, justified, designed and implemented.
  2. We do the tedious task of searching the web, pick out relevant and useful information from mountains and piles of unorganized information out there, condense it and then organize it into meaningful and distinct categories which makes it easy to use for your projects. We are the human search engines that add significant intelligence as compared to software robots and web crawlers that other portals use.
  3. We add significant value to the information we provide by our advisory comments, third party product comparisons and on-line consulting advice.
  4. We provide the tools, tips and templates to convert this information into a functional design, an architectural framework or a project plan.
  5. Our solutions catalog and product catalog are organized in a manner in which mobile computing practitioners think and select components for their total mobile computing solution.
  6. Our solutions catalogue provides those solutions that work together with other components  -  which wireless network, which mobile device, which application software and which middleware work together to provide a complete business solution to a business problem.
  7. We provide multi-vendor product, multi-network, platform-independent and multi-discipline information.
  8. We provide full project-life-cycle information from an end-to-end perspective - market outlook, application analysis, business case development, application development, systems design and a peak into the future.
  9. Finally, we remove the marketing hype from vendors' glossies and give you bare facts. 

What do you think of our web site? What would you like to see on the site? We would like to hear your comments. Please fill out our site survey.  

Can MobileInfo.com replace external consulting?
Our primary goal is to support the information needs of in-house mobile computing practitioners to do their job more efficiently.

We can not (and do not intend to - after all, consultants have a legitimate role even in the Internet age) replace face to face consulting with experts where custom solutions are required and unique information is required. However, we can certainly reduce the amount of routine consulting advice you may need. We intend to make you more informed and therefore, better decision-makers. You will continue to need external consulting resources when you require assessment of specialized organizational requirements and where you want to capitalize on the experience base of these consultants for designing and building specific business solutions - an optimal use of two types of resources. 

Our Advisory Consultant Panel
Our advisory board consists of some of the best consultants in the Industry. Click here, to visit our Consulting Advisory Board. We have the following consultants on our panel and are always looking for capable consultants. Our consultants must have an area of expertise within mobile computing and wireless. Do you want to be on our panel? Please send us an e-mail.

Chander Dhawan - Our Managing Editor
Chander Dhawan is a leading expert in North America on the subject of mobile computing, wireless networks, and remote access. Chander is also the author of two books:- "Mobile Computing - A Systems Integrator's Handbook", and "Remote Access Networks - PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Internet and Wireless". Both books were published by McGraw-Hill. Meet him on this site as your Managing Editor and Publisher.

Tom Henderson is principal researcher for ExtremeLabs, Inc., of Indianapolis. Mr. Henderson is a communications integrator and network systems architect, and the former senior vice president of one of the largest interconnect organizations in North America. Tom has authored twelve books on various computing subjects. His focus is on the enterprise. Meet him on our site here.

Jim Geier is an author and speaker on wireless network applications, technologies, and implementation practices. Jim's experience focuses on the analysis, design, installation, and support of numerous wireless networks for retail, manufacturing, and healthcare companies throughout the world. Jim is author of three books: Wireless LANs, Wireless Networking Handbook and Network Reengineering, and he speaks regularly at seminars, conferences, and tradeshows. Meet him on our site.

George McQuillister  is currently the Mobile Computing Product Manager at Pacific Gas & Electric company, based in San Francisco.  Mr. McQuillister’s primary responsibilities involve providing consulting services to internal clients that employ or are considering adopting mobile technologies to meet their business needs.  Some of the projects he has been involved with include: Wood Pole Asset Management Project, Revenue Assurance Automation Project, Overhead Line Inspection Project and the Field Automation Project.

Ralph W. Johnston is a Police officer with extensive experience in operational and administrative areas as well as Information Technology related projects. His latest task (1997-2000) was the management of a multi-million dollar implementation of wireless technology for in-vehicle use by the police agency. His advise is often sought by other emergency response agencies, police services and otherwise.

Rod Ghani has over eleven years of experience in systems integration and wireless consulting. He has an extensive background in developing solutions in large mission critical systems. Rod works is a Senior Consultant in Pervasive Computing organization of IBM Global Systems division. 

Rod holds a Masters of Science in Business, focusing on business technology, and wireless communication, from Central Michigan University, May /1992. 

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