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Advertising & Sponsorship On MobileInfo.com

Advertise On MobileInfo.com – Enhance your current advertising campaign and company profile by sponsoring your products, solutions, services and applications on www.mobileinfo.com and utilize the full power of the Internet getting your product messages out to a global marketplace.

A Satisfied MobileInfo Vendor currently states:
"MobileInfo.com has been amazing to work with. Thanks to superb targeting and excellent ad placement, we've gotten more good leads through MobileInfo.com than from any other online source this quarter! We've had a great response rate from leads in North America and all over the world, and the level of service has been perfect. The initial work on our end was minimal, and Mobile Info had everything up and running in under 48 hours! Ongoing support has been excellent - the team at MobileInfo is friendly and unbelievably responsive."  Do you want to see what other sponsors say about advertising on our website?

Availability - Your information can be accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to existing or potential customers much faster via the Internet than by traditional printed material. Your information on MobileInfo.com reaches a worldwide targeted audience.

Demographics – Our site is attracting high-quality IT professionals who spend extended amount of time on our for each visit. During January 2003, our WebTtrends report showed 917,381 hits, 186,561 impressions and over 74, 252 visits.  This traffic continues to grow at an average of 10% per month. With an annual sponsorship of your company’s products, service, and solutions on MobileInfo.com, you should expect to expose your advertising message to over one million visitors with over 2.5 million impressions (some of them visiting more than once). Go and check out sample profile of MobileInfo subscribers.

Our weekly newsletter now goes to over 40,000 IT professionals looking for mobile/wireless solutions. And this list is growing!

Ways in Which Vendors Advertise their Products, Solutions, Services & Events on MobileInfo.com are:

  • Solutions Catalog
  • Product Catalog
  • New Development E-mails
  • Press Releases
  • Vendor Catalog Contact & Information Listing
  • Welcome New Sponsors Listing on Home Page
  • Listing in Applicable Horizontal/Vertical Applications Mall
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletter Ad Sponsorship
  • Banner Ads
  • Newsletters customized and powered by MobileInfo.com

Solution & Product Catalogs: Our Catalogs provide templates describing your company’s solution/product, the business environment it is applicable to and its features, while providing appropriate links logos and pertinent contact information. Visitors, through specific database query or textual search have your information at their fingertips.

Selective e-mail – MobileInfo.com’s ‘selective e-mail’ capability lets your company inform our subscribers, with their permission, about new product announcements, successes and key developments.

Horizontal/Vertical Application’s Mall: Provide information about your applications in our Horizontal and Vertical Application’s Mall illustrating its value in the industry while featuring case studies of your clients’ success stories supporting your various applications in the industry.

Electronic Newsletters – Sponsor your company on our MobileInfo.com weekly News Flash sent out to IT professionals developing their enterprise solutions. This newsletter is an integral part of the overall strategy of our website to provide the most comprehensive and current information source of wireless data and mobile computing solutions. The newsletter reports on key technological advances, product announcements, and industry successes. The news is enhanced by the insightful commentary of our editor and publisher -Chander Dhawan,

Our newsletter offers you several opportunities to promote your products and services:

  1. Press releases of new product announcements or key company developments
  2. Redistributing the newsletter via e-mail under your sponsorship to your customers and prospects, and
  3. Direct advertisement within the newsletter.
  4. The ability for you to reinforce your product and service solutions posted in our website catalogs through the newsletter is a distinguishing feature of MobileInfo.com.

White Papers & Technology Topics: Your company White Papers and Technology backgrounders on topics of interest to IT professionals can be featured with supporting company logos and sponsorship messages on relevant pages on our site.

Information, Tools and Aids – MobileInfo.com’s consultative web site allows vendors the ability to feature in-depth, current information pertinent to IT professionals developing their wireless data projects. MobileInfo.com provides many business tools and tutorials to assist these serious buyers with the guidance they need to make buying decisions for mobile computing and wireless data solutions that will work for their businesses.

Rates – Affordable annual fees service based on the type of coverage you choose (solutions catalog, application case studies, e-mail newsletters).  We do not have CPM-based pricing because this is NOT a consumer site and many of our enterprise subscribers make buying decisions for the total project that are in $0.5 million - $10 million dollars range over the life of a project. Once your information is featured on MobileInfo.com, there is no extra cost in updating information and keeping it current, which is valuable to your potential buyers. Customized quotes particular to your company’s needs are available upon request.

Advertise on MobileInfo.com – for more information on how your company can participate in our sponsorship program please e-mail us at mobileinfo1@mobileinfo.com  or call Chander Dhawan at 905-881-8537.  All of us at MobileInfo.com are happy to create a business relationship with you that is professional, courteous and customized to your needs.

Advertising Contact : Chander Dhawan - 905-881-8537 or Debra Ducharme 416-224-8894.

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