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(Copy as provided by the vendor with minor editing by Mobileinfo.com)

Premiere Data Synchronization Engine Now 300% Faster for Mobile and Wireless Device Sync

iMobile Data Synchronization 3.0 sets a new standard for speed and ease-of-management for enterprise data sync for Palm and Pocket PC handhelds, and laptops

ATLANTA (August 7, 2000) – Synchrologic, Inc. (www.synchrologic.com), the leader in mobile and wireless infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced the availability of iMobile Data Synchronization 3.0.  This upgrade to the dominant enterprise data sync engine is faster and more technically robust, with impressive new tools to further streamline mobile data management.

Offering support for the most complex enterprise data sync needs, iMobile Data Synchronization has been selected by a long list of major corporations such as Hertz, Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Nintendo. iMobile Data Synchronization has also been chosen by OEM software and service providers to mobilize their solutions, including JD Edwards and Vantive -- now a division of PeopleSoft.

Unlike other mobile data sync solutions, iMobile Data Synchronization is the only solution that works across all major mobile platforms, offering robust performance and superior management tools for Palm OS and Pocket PC handheld devices in addition to Windows-based laptops.

With this latest version, Synchrologic has boosted data synchronization speed by more than 300 percent. The upgrade also adds exciting new capabilities aimed at increasing performance and further simplifying the data sync management effort, including:

  • A unified Microsoft Management Console interface for managing all data synchronization activity for all mobile devices

  • Remote server administration capability for added convenience

  • Improved management of server clustering for added scalability

  • Direct handheld-to-server synchronization for Palm OS and Pocket P

  • Comprehensive logging and history reporting for handheld sync

  • Migration tool for converting to Synchrologic's iMobile File Distribution for the change file transport layer for PCs

  • Configurable notifications alert administrators to problems via network messages or email to pagers or SMS enabled wireless phones

  • Enhanced error handling and error logging capabilities

In addition, iMobile Data Synchronization now offers out-of-box integration with the Palm HotSync Server.  This integration extends the Palm HotSync Server platform with added capabilities and management tools, which dramatically reduce the need to write conduit code.  iMobile Data Synchronization integrates similarly with Synchrologic's basic handheld data sync engine -- RealSync Server.

"Already the most advanced enterprise data sync server, iMobile Data Sync now supports even more sophisticated enterprise requirements for handheld- and laptop-based mobile applications.  With unmatched performance and sophisticated new admin tools, iMobile Data Synchronization extends Synchrologic's lead in high-end mobile data sync," comments Bill Jones, vice president of product management and marketing for Synchrologic.

iMobile Data Synchronization 3.0 is available now at a cost of $329 per user for the PC version or $139 per user to support Palm or Pocket PC handhelds.

This release completes the upgrades to iMobile Suite 3.0, the most comprehensive mobile and wireless infrastructure solution available for enterprise customers.

About Synchrologic, Inc
Synchrologic is the leading developer of comprehensive mobile and wireless infrastructure software. Synchrologic's enterprise solutions enable mobile and wireless device users to access applications, interact with data and transact business anytime, anywhere.

Synchrologic's iMobile Suite provides a secure, Internet-based infrastructure for supporting mobile and wireless devices used by employees, customers, partners and suppliers.  Smart phones, Pocket PCs, Palm devices, PCs, e-mail pagers and laptops all connect to the iMobile Suite server via wired and wireless Internet, dial-up or Local Area Network.  iMobile Suite manages the devices, keeping them updated with the latest application data, e-mail, files and software.

Synchrologic’s mobile and wireless technologies are licensed by corporate and OEM customers including Cisco, Hertz, Citicorp, 3M, JD Edwards, Nintendo and Vantive.  For additional information, call 888-345-SYNC or (1) 770-754-5600, send e-mail to info@synchrologic.com, or visit http://www.synchrologic.com.

Press Contacts:

Bill Jones
Synchrologic, Inc.
770 754-5600, ext 127 
Kristin Vanderhey Baily 
Socket Public Relations
(678) 477-1137

Copyright 2000 Synchrologic, Inc. Synchrologic and iMobile Suite are trademarks of Synchrologic, Inc. Palm OS and Palm are registered trademarks of Palm Computing, Inc. Windows is registered trademark of Microsoft. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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