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(Copy as provided by vendors with minor editing by Mobileinfo.com)

Synchrologic Joins in Founding Mobile Management Forum
Launched by The Open Group

ATLANTA (May 16, 2000) Ė Synchrologic, Inc., (www.synchrologic.com), the leader in mobile computing management for the enterprise, today announced it is a cofounder of the Mobile Management Forum launched by The Open Group.

The Mobile Management Forum aims to spread the adoption of mobile and wireless devices in the enterprise by encouraging standards among vendors. It will work to respond to challenges identified by a study by The Open Group Ė among them, the need for synchronization between mobile devices and networked data. Synchrologic solves this challenge with iMobile Suite, a software solution that offers data synchronization, file distribution, software distribution and asset management for handheld devices based on the Palm OS and Windows CE as well as laptop PCs.

"Synchrologic looks forward to contributing our enterprise mobile management expertise to the Mobile Management Forumís initiatives," said Bill Jones, vice president of product management and marketing of Synchrologic. "We believe the Forumís efforts will lead to better mobile solutions that work together in a sensible way. This will allow mobile devices to reach their potential as an integral part of the enterprise IT infrastructure."

The Mobile Management Forum will leverage The Open Groupís expertise in enterprise integration and its diverse membership to bring together leading wireless and mobile vendors with corporate and government customers to drive early market acceptance of mobile devices and applications. The Forum will also take advantage of The Open Groupís portfolio of products and services that provide standards reference models, conformance test tools and independent certification programs.

About Synchrologic, Inc.

Synchrologic is the leading developer of mobile computing infrastructure software for the enterprise. Synchrologicís iMobile Suite allows organizations to support mobile professionals by providing a centrally-managed, internet-based solution for synchronizing data, files, and software between mobile computing devices and enterprise servers.

Heavily leveraging Internet technologies, iMobile Suite provides a secure infrastructure approach to managing mobile devices and sharing vital corporate information with them. iMobile Suite features data synchronization for enterprise applications; automatic distribution, collection, and backup of vital files; and remote software distribution and systems management functionality for tracking and maintaining mobile devices.

Synchrologicís mobile technologies are licensed by both corporate and OEM customers, including Cisco, Hertz, Citicorp, 3M, JD Edwards, Nintendo, and Vantive. For additional information, call 888-345-SYNC or (1) 770-754-5600, send e-mail to info@synchrologic.com, or visit http://www.synchrologic.com.

Copyright„ 2000 Synchrologic, Inc. Synchrologic, RealSync Server and iMobile Suite are trademarks of Synchrologic, Inc. Palm OS is a trademark of Palm Computing, Inc. Windows CE is a trademark of Microsoft. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Press Contact:

Kurt Stenerson
Socket Public Relations

Bill Jones
Synchrologic, Inc.
(770) 754-5600, ext. 127


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