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(Updated on April 11, 2000)


Nettech Systems’ Latest Smart IP Mobile Middleware Offers Enhanced Features for Digital Circuit-Switched Data

Nettech Systems unveils its latest version of Smart IP, which offers enhanced support for digital circuit-switched wireless data networks such as CDMA, GSM, PDC and others.

Smart IP is a mobile middleware product that allows Internet/intranet and IP-based applications to run over wireless networks efficiently. Its technology increases the speed of transmission by 97 % for 1000K files with a response time 13 times faster.   Smart IP works out-of-the-box and users proxy server technology to support Winstock application programming interface, while utilizing Nettech’s Optimized Wireless Transport Protocol to send data over the air.

The latest version of Smart IP provides:

  • Dial up networking control:  eliminates the need to establish a data connection prior to sending data via the mobile application
  • Auto-connect: if an application attempts to send data and there is not already a data connection in progress, Smart IP will automatically establish a connection with network.
  • Auto-reconnect:  If breaks occur in connection while data is being transmitted, Smart IP will maintain a virtual connection.
  • Auto-disconnect:  After a period of inactivity, Smart IP will take down a data connection, which overtime saves expensive airtime.

Smart IP 2.0.1 supports:

  • CDMA, GSM, and next-generation circuit switched data networks
  • Devices using such OS as Windows CR, Windows 95 and 98 and Windows NT 3.5 or later, with MIPS, SH3 or X86 processors

For more information, go to http://www.nettechrf.com/newsflash4_mstr.shtml

Mobile Advisory and Comments: Nettech middleware continues to support newer incarnations of wireless networks offering efficiency of bandwidth and transparency to application integration. MobileInfo welcomes this enhancement.

Note: This news release may contain forward-looking statements. Readers should take appropriate caution in developing plans utilizing these products, services and technology architectures.

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